LG launches its new washing machines with AI

The new equipment of the company incorporates a new washing system which, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, wash faster and consume less energy

This week, LG Electronics introduced the new generation of washing machines that bring built-in Artificial Intelligence technology.

Thanks to the use of this technology the TurboWash 360° has been programmed, which allows to save 50% of the energy and also improves washing times by 34%.

These washing machines incorporate Intello DD Artificial Intelligence technology, which detects the volume of garments and the hardness of the fabrics to select the most appropriate wash and reduce tissue damage by 18%, according to LG in a statement.

As described by the company, these devices are capable of spraying water and detergent in four different directions. On the other hand, they can also neutralize 99.9% of allergens thanks to Steam+.

The new washing machine has an energy rating of up to A+++ and has a 10-year warranty, as part of LG’s Smart Green commitment to achieve a more efficient and environmentally aware world.

K. Tovar

Source: La Vanguardia

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