Lastminute allows payment with Amazon Pay

Through this decision became the first European online travel agency to partner with Amazon Pay

The travel agency will allow its customers to use this payment provider in the purchase of flights, flight plans, hotel and reservation of accommodation through its main brands and markets in Europe.

The partnership with Amazon Pay will offer Lastminute customers the possibility of making their travel and accommodation payments in a continuous and simple manner. The agreement is made in the framework of a broad strategy of associations that the travel agency has in order to make travel as pleasant as possible, always by virtue of the comfort of the users.

For its part, for Amazon Pay is the first association of this kind and with it is expected, that the 40 million monthly customers of and the rest of the tourist agencies in Europe, buy from anywhere in the world using the accounts Amazon.

The online travel agency in a statement said: “Today more than ever it is essential that the verification process is optimized, so that customers can complete their purchase transactions on their website as quickly as possible and through any device.”

Undoubtedly, the strategic association is an opportunity for to reach more customers in many more countries, considering the more than 300 million active accounts that Amazon has and the more than 33 million consumers who use the services of Amazon Pay around the world.


Source: Marketing4ecommerce

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