LaplanaBologna proposes professional update program in dentistry

A meeting in Caracas had the endorsement of the College of Dentists of Venezuela. Students and professionals took profit of knowledge and experience with a futuristic vision

In an effort to encourage constant education and academic updating of dental professionals, as well as dental technicians, LaplanaBologna held its first major training event in dentistry with registered attendance of 526 participants, who received important knowledge about the evolution of the techniques and methods applied in this important area of ​​health.

The appointment was on October 21, in the spaces of the Chacao Cultural Center, where it was held for the benefit of the Huellas de Bondad Foundation, an institution that since 2016 works in vulnerable communities, promoting natural leaderships to achieve a positive impact on their environment.

In the meeting, which was attended by 13 speakers, the new digital methods that have been implemented and developed in the dental area were explained. The objective of the activity as well as these innovations and new trends is to facilitate and motivate “continuing education, which has been diminished (…) We want to become motivators who collaborate or contribute decisively to achieve a national educational project in the matter, “said Dr. Rafael Laplana.

He cited as an example of entrepreneurial attitude towards modernization. “Having all the technology in your own office is difficult. However, there are small companies that are buying a tomograph, a facial scanner and give the service without problem. It is not a barrier; of course, they can join this world with good footing digital dentistry in our country.

The organizers expressed their satisfaction with the receptivity, since the response to the call exceeded expectations, a massive attendance was reached. “Although no other event like this was planned, given the incredible results, it is now considered to make a new one next year, which becomes an annual event,” Laplana shared.

He stressed the importance of continuous training and re-certification, to validate the updating of knowledge that a professional must have in a given discipline, especially in the area of ​​health.

He added that they are vital in these times of enormous technological advancement and innovation, in the service of health, aspects such as: well-being, aesthetics, functionality and also the huge range of materials and procedures that can be used.

The dentist Anabell Bologna, director of the laboratory of LaplanaBologna – Advanced Dental Aesthetics – expressed her gratitude “for the receptivity of colleagues, who in that search for new knowledge decided to join and be part of an event that was organized in just 40 days , fulfilling the task of participation, and the presentation of an excellent panel of experts in various areas “.

Documented testimony

“All this arises with the idea of ​​presenting and offering to our guild documented testimony of the evolution that we have been achieving in the last 15 to 20 years of work, adding or incorporating the digital technique that increasingly takes more force and validity in our profession , where some still feel fearful. That is why, with our panel of exhibitors, we add, strengthen and provide all our experience to make it accessible. “

The specialists insisted that dental innovation in Venezuela is completely feasible, a reality and is a necessary change in the area of ​​health in the country. “Those of us here have made great efforts to implement new technology, improve facilities and all this is adding, growing, adding value,” said Bologna.

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