La Romana hosted the Caribbean meeting on National Security and Cybersecurity

Speakers discussed solutions against risks on the web and the keys to security and citizen protection

La Romana, Dominican Republic, was the stage where Dominican and foreign professionals developed the Open Saturday event, an initiative to share knowledge about Free Open Secure Software tools among young people.

The meeting counted with the participation of about 10 speakers who talked about technology and integration of solutions to the threats of the web and the keys to security and citizen protection.

Among these participating specialists can be mentioned:

Alfredo Lajara – In charge of Forensic Video of the National System of Emergency and Security 911.

Elkin Valenzuela Mateo – Engineer, in charge of the forensic computer division of the Department of Investigations of Crimes and Crimes of High Technology (DICAT) of the National Police.

Dr. Cesar Moline – Director of Cybersecurity, Electronic Commerce and Digital Signature of the regulatory body of telecommunications in the DR (INDOTEL).

Carlos Leonardo – Director of responses to cyber incidents (CSIRT-RD) at the National Cybersecurity Center.

Magistrate Iván Vladimir Feliz Vargas – Head of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Against Crimes and High Technology Crimes (PEDATEC).

Rafael Núñez Aponte – Better known as “RaFa Hacker” or “RaFa White Hacker”; Venezuelan ethical hacker, CEO of MásQueDigital and MásQueSeguridad, recognized expert in IT Security at an international level.

Source: DobleLlave

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