Kingston launches encrypted USB DataTraveler 2000 with 128GB

The manufacturer of memory products launched its new storage device that offers user convenience and greater protection of their data

The DataTraveler 2000 features an alphanumeric keypad that allows users to lock the unit with a combination of number or word, providing an additional layer of protection.

Also, when the drive is removed from the device, an automatic lock functionality is activated, in case it is not turned off properly before removing the USB.

This new device includes a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security certificate and offers military grade encryption based on 256-bit AES hardware.

The new encrypted memory unit is designed for both IT security professionals, small and medium-sized businesses and users for corporate purposes.

The DataTraveler 2000 is available starting at $ 79.20 for 4GB capacities and up to $ 246.24 for 128GB capacities and includes three years of free technical support.

Source: dpa

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