Kambista is the first Peruvian exchange with facial recognition

The first fintech from the Latinamerican country which apply a verification security filter to users to prevent online fraud

Kambista is the first Peruvian digital exchange to incorporate a user verification security filter through facial authentication thanks to the co-operation ties established with the mobile payment and online identity verification company Jumio.

This online identity verification solution helps to prevent online fraud or impersonation and safeguard the identity of Kambista customers.

This integration allows the fintech to verify customers by incorporating a photo of their identity issued by the government and then making a selfie that incorporates certified life detection functionality.

Paulo Valdiviezo, founder of Kambista, said: “We are always aware of the needs of our customers. Although our security and process system was already rigorous, now, with the incorporation of identity verification through facial recognition, we can say that it is the most complete and innovative in the market.”

Robert Prigge, CEO of Jumio, said that partnering with Kambista and being part of the digital fintech revolution in Peru is a very important decision for the company. “We are delighted to help Kambista to incorporate good customers faster, fight fraud online and comply with the strict compliance mandates of AML and KYC.


Source: revistaeconomia 

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