Justin Sun’s imposter tries to launch fake privacy coin

The scam was intended to sell a crypto asset tied to the value of real Tron TRX coins

A suspected scammer has attempted to impersonate Tron CEO Justin Sun, who recently tried to lure investors into buying Tron’s fake privacy digital assets, as part of a token sale offer.

Gumi Cryptos Capital’s partner, Miko Matsumura, managed to contact the impostor to establish a video chat. “The impostor was very realistic as you can see,” according to Matsumura. However, the attacker appeared to have taken an old low-frame-rate video of Sun and imposed his own voice on it in order to hide his identity.

“Only after the adversary or interlocutor made a mistake and used CC: justin@tron.network, the TRON network saw this scam and warned me … Their warning was my first indication that this was false,” the executive reported. “I  did not intended to invest anyway, but I was curious to find out more because it seemed strange.”

Matsumura also provided the official source with a copy of the white paper or technical document of the fake project. The fraudulent token was positioned as a privacy solution.

According to the technical document, “TRZ is the first privacy token in Tron ​​and realizes the complete privacy protection of the TRON network through a non-interactive zero-knowledge test.”


Source: infocoin

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