Juan Guaidó appoints new representative of Venezuela at the IDB

The economist Ricardo Hausmann, of wide experience and professor of Harvard, would occupy the position of governor for Venezuela before the Inter-American Development Bank

This Monday was announced the appointment of the economist Ricardo Hausmann as the new governor for Venezuela before the Inter-American Development Bank by Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly.

The news was released by Carlos Vecchio through his official account on social network Twitter. The designation must still be confirmed by the AN. Neither Hausmann nor the IDB have published any statement about it, so future declarations are expected.

The official communiqué dated February 28 was sent to Nicolás Dujovne, Minister of Finance of Argentina and current President of the BID Board of Governors. In the document was also announced the appointment of Gina Montiel as Executive Director.

Official document of the National Assembly with the appointment of Ricardo Hausmann before the IDB

The new governor before the inter-American organization for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean has a deep background in the country’s economic and financial sector. During the ’90 he was “Minister of Planning of Venezuela and member of the Central Bank directory”. In addition, he was governor by the country in IDB and the World Bank as well as chief economist of the IDB for several years.

At present, Ricardo Hausmann is a professor of Economics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Upon confirmation of his designation before the IDB, Hausmann would replace the current official Oswaldo Javier Pérez Cuevas from the Venezuelan Ministry of Economy and Finance.


Source: Panorama

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