Johnson will present a new proposal to the EU

The British Prime Minister will speak Tuesday with the European Union to deliver a different way to carry out Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present to Brussels a final offer of agreement for the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU this Tuesday, according to the media.

The proposal includes a solution for the dispute over the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, the main obstacle to an agreed EU exit on October 31st.

From Downing Street they will make a battery of calls to the main European capitals to explain the details of the alternative proposal to the “safeguard” included in the agreement negotiated by Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, and rejected by the British Parliament.

After these calls, the formal text of the proposal will be sent to Brussels and Johnson will appear on Wednesday before the Conservative Party congress to defend the initiative.

The proposal would be based on the creation of an Irish “economic zone” that would include both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland under London sovereignty and would allow the circulation of agricultural products and food without any border control. It will also include a proposal to regulate the traffic of industrial goods, according to the Telegraph.

The Londoner The Times also published information on the proposal and has assured that it will include a petition to the EU to rule out a new extension of the planned Brexit date.

K. Tovar

Source: ElHeraldo

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