Johnson promises to run brexit before the end of January 2020

He affirmed that the conservative program “will make Brexit run and allow us to move forward and give rein to the potential of the whole country”

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, promised that the Brexit will be executed at the end of January 2020 on the occasion of the next general elections held in the United Kingdom, by December 12. The main objective of Johnson is that this pact be ratified by the deputies before the expected date of departure set for January 31st.

“It is time to turn the page to doubt, delays and the division of recent years and begin a new chapter in the incredible history of this country, the best place on earth,” said the British leader in a statement published before of the official presentation of the party manifesto in West Midlands.

As he explained, to achieve the reintroduction in December of the Brexit bill would become an “early Christmas gift” for those voters overwhelmed by the process. “When families sit down to eat turkey this Christmas, I want them to enjoy of the festive season without the seemingly endless drama of brexit.”

In the text, the Conservative Party also details other measures that include a triple fiscal block, guaranteeing the stability of income tax, social security contributions and VAT, as well as promising to give an economic boost of 1,000 million libras equivalent to about 1,164 million euros for the care of children who are studying in schools, also benefiting their period of school holidays.

The program also contemplates allocating 6,300 million pounds, that is 4,191 million euros for the implementation of measures for energy efficiency and thus reducing fuel bills for 2.2 million homes.


Source: bancaynegocios

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