Japanese arrested for acquiring stolen NEM in Coincheck hack

Suspects were captured following investigations at an exchange to which some of the tokens were sent

On March 11, Tokyo police arrested two men in connection with the Coincheck hacking for allegedly buying stolen NEM (XEM) from the dark web.

The suspects were apprehended following investigations conducted at a cryptocurrency exchange to which some of the NEMs were sent and although it is unknown how the police were able to determine the destination of the funds, it is most likely that chain tracking tools were also used.

According to what they are investigating, the stolen tokens were exchanged for bitcoin (BTC) or litecoin (LTC) and were later dispersed in more than 13,000 wallets.

On the trail of the NEM

It is still unclear whether hackers were able to fully collect their profits, as many exchanges have increased their security and monitoring efforts. However, Tokyo police have assigned approximately 100 investigators to the case, and authorities are continuing to monitor other suspected buyers of the stolen NEM.

The Coincheck hack is considered one of the largest exchange thefts in history due to the fact that in January 2018 hackers stole more than $ 534 million from XEM. At the time the track allegedly led them to the Russian-based attackers.


Source: cointelegraph

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