Jack Dorsay: Internet deserves its own currency

Twitter CEO points out that cryptocurrencies fit perfectly for the net

In recent statements to Bloomberg, Jack Dorsay, CEO of Twitter and Square Inc., reaffirmed his sympathy for digital currencies by considering them positive for payment systems. He stressed that the benefits can be high and profitable, provided that regulators and society in general are educated on this issue. In this way, a total understanding of the essence, operation and advantages of cryptocurrencies should be achieved.

Dorsay admits the possibility of Bitcoin to become the only Internet currency, once the slowness of current laws has been solved and, of course, that it reaches the hands of more people.

Thanks to his position as CEO of Twitter and Square Inc., the businessman has given support since 2014 to Bitcoin; even through its Cash App tool for users to send money to their family and friends. He admits that the commercial movement was a risk but it has been worth it. For Dorsay, digital currencies are a legitimate means of global payment.


Source: Bloomberg

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