Italy fines Facebook € 5 million for misuse of data

The social network was fined for allegedly hiding from its users that their data were likely to be commercially exploited

The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, Italy, confirmed last Friday the ruling against the social network Facebook, which extends a fine of 5 million euros.

As indicated by Euroconsumers, a member of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the regulatory body had imposed the fine on Facebook in December 2018 “for alleged unfair commercial practices.” They indicated that “Facebook concealed the value of users’ personal data by providing generic, incomplete and non-transparent information on the use of data for commercial purposes when registering on the platform.”

The OCU described the decision of the Italian court as determining because it is the first time that it is publicly recognized that the data of the users or consumers actually have a value for the companies.

The organization said: “Personal data is very valuable and belongs to each user,” which is why they urge the social network and all similar platforms to place the customer above their economic interests and respect privacy.

It is appropriate to remember that in the past multiple collective complaints have already been made for similar cases, such as the one related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that affected users in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. Facebook was required to grant compensation of at least 200 euros for the misuse of its data.


Source: ABC

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