Italian Red Cross launches bitcoin fundraise for global emergency

The project was successful thanks to the Helperbit platform to convert funds into euros and tangible assets

The Italian Red Cross launched a fundraise for the coronavirus emergency which was effective, with more than 3 BTC raised in two weeks.

The campaign was organized by the Colli Albani Comitato of the Italian Red Cross, which thanks to the collection was able to acquire the necessary materials to establish a new Advanced Medical Post for the pre-triage of COVID-19.

The campaign launch process lasted around 3 days and was made possible thanks to the Helperbit platform that managed to collect BTC from around the world in a short time, converting the funds into euros and tangible assets.

Despite the expected estimates being € 10,000 in BTC the total collection was approximately 3.2 BTC. 2,91492543 BTC have already been converted to euros thanks to the platform, for a partial total of 18,551 euros.

As for the average amount of individual donations, an approximate € 192 was reached, with an average commission of € 1.15 for each donation.


Source: criptoinforme

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