iPhone in its original box will be auctioned for $ 40,000

The auction house LCG Auctions will sell the iPhone model A1203, which belongs to the first generation

The auction house LCG Auctions announced the sale of the first generation iPhone model A1203, new and sealed in its original Apple box, for a price of more than 40,000 dollars.

The technology company put its first iPhone on sale in 2007, the year it came exclusively to the US market after being presented at the MacWorld event in San Francisco. In the year of its launch, Time magazine identified it as the “Invention of the Year”, it could be purchased in this region for a price of 499 dollars and was sold at retail by the operator AT&T.

The iPhone A1203 model has a touch screen, a button, which is located in the lower center of the panel, and a single 2-megapixel (MP) main camera. As certified by the manufacturer on its website, this device includes its serial number on the back, which is made of anodized aluminum.

In relation to its memory configuration, Apple released three versions of this iPhone, with a capacity of 4, 8 or 16 GB of storage. LCG Auctions sold an original iPhone model A1203 for $39,339, a sale that started with an estimated price of around $30,000, according to their website.

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Source: dpa

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