Investors must be aware of their tolerance risk

Alejandra Rodríguez, from Intelinvest Panama, offers advice to protect economic assets

Alejandra Rodríguez, a graduate in administrative sciences and principal executive at Intelinvest Casa de Valores, based in Panama, shares with us key recommendations, in the American continent, for investors or people seeking to protect and add value to their assets.

“At the moment of investing, the most important thing is that the person has a clear idea of ​​his investment objective, that is wheter he seeks to generate income or an appreciation of capital, or if he seeks to conserve heritage,” says Rodríguez.

Develop strategies according to the needs and objectives
“Also, that the investor has -similarly- clear what is their tolerance risk, always considering the basic rule that at higher risk, higher yield, then the most important thing is that the person is clear about his objective and how much he is willing to risk …, ” explains the expert.

“Based on these two factors, an investment strategy can be developed based on or for the needs and objectives of that particular investor,” adds the spokesperson for Intelinvest.

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