Inverted pyramid of financial sector

Digital commerce has democratized the flow of money, bringing power to people’s hands

The security offered by blockchain technology has allowed people from different social groups to participate in the distribution of money worldwide, with overwhelming gains in some cases.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies, some humorous applications and the lack at the outset of a stable regulatory framework raised suspicions in the financial sector. However, the blockchains have proven their reliability, transparency and safety over time.

Nowadays, people do not have to be a tycoon in the world of finance to invest in the digital world. Teachers, secretaries, technicians, lawyers or janitors can do it with modest sums, which, in fact, gives them greater stability and awareness of what they want to achieve. In addition, there is clear and easy to use information for all types of clients. This allows a radical change in the structure of money management, which in the end accounts for nothing more than power.


Source: Criptonoticias

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