International Red Cross delivers humanitarian aid to Venezuela

This Tuesday was delivered the first humanitarian aid lot to the most vulnerable sectors of Caracas, including hospitals

Today arrived in Venezuela the first shipment of humanitarian aid from the International Red Cross to assist the population which faces a shortage of medicines and food. This was reported by Mario Villarroel, president of the Venezuelan Society of the Red Cross.

Opinions from different sectors immediately arose, including spokespersons of the government of Nicolás Maduro, the National Assembly, representatives of the Catholic Church and the people properly through the social networks.

It should be remarked that despite the effort made by Juan Guaidó last February 23 to bring humanitarian aid through to Venezuela through Brazil and Colombia, the act ended in the destruction of said inputs in a fire.

It is now when the first batch of official aid enters Venezuela by the International Red Cross. From the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía departed the aid for th most affected sectors of Caracas where the representatives of the humanitarian agency distributed medicines and electricity generators for hospitals, among others.

Nicolás Maduro asked not to politicize the humanitarian aid delivery. However, various governmental sectors accredited the achievement of this first humanitarian shipment to the country. For their part, members of the National Assembly welcomed the aid and pointed out in the coming weeks more humanitarian aid will arrive in the country.


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