Instagram to launch a new messaging app called Threads

Facebook leaked information about the next tool to offer Instagram users more privacy in their interactions

Facebook seeks to offer a more intimate and friendly message exchange between Instagram users with the new messaging application called Threads.

The new app is designed as a complement to Instagram, which is committed to offer new experiences for users and closest friends. Threads “invites its users to share text messages, photos and videos using the visual social network editing tools.”

A crucial fact and that users should know since its very delicate is that they can now send data about their location, speed and battery life automatically.

Additionally, the application will allow customers to update their status manually “showing statuses that appear in a main feed next to the messages”, which will even show the latest stories shared on the social network.

The main focus of the new application is messaging. Its launching has raised comments on Facebook’s desire to adapt Snapchat features, “since creating a messaging app focused on closest friends could get more attention from younger people.” Users will have to wait for the release date to know details.


Source: Marketing4Ecommerce

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