Instagram activates new measures against harassment of minors

Instagram announced changes to security measures to protect minors by using filters in direct messages and blocking nude images

The social network Instagram announced the implementation of filters for offensive images, such as nudity, to protect minors from harassment and unpleasant experiences.

Likewise, the platform, owned by Meta, indicated that sections have been activated to manage all types of interactions and limit them. This is “Limited interactions”, which is not a new function but has been improved.

A new button was added to “mute anyone who is not part of the best friends list on Instagram. The intention of this button is to offer direct and quick access to users in case they consider limiting interactions on their profile.”

Activating these changes is simple and does not require tedious configuration, since “after activating the functionality, notifications and interactions will be limited.”

The platform will only issue notifications to people on the user’s friends list and with whom they have direct messages, who have permission to tag them and make mentions. “The rest of the users will be able to continue carrying out these types of actions. What will happen is that Instagram will protect you and silence all notifications related to users who are not part of your best friends.”

Instagram has added that it is not necessary to update the application to have access to this change, since “the feature is integrated into the Instagram settings section and, therefore, should now be available to all users.”


Source: 800noticias

(Reference image source: Brett Jordan in Unsplash)

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