India will issue birth certificate in blockchain

This will be possible thanks to the tool developed by Lynked.World, which is available in App Store and Google Play

Different organizations close to the government of India announced that they will adopt the functions of the new platform Lynked.World, which will simplify the commitments of citizens for the identification process.

The company offers the service of identity verification using blockchain technology for ordinary citizens, employers, higher education administrators and governments.

With the application, which is available in App Store and Google Play, citizens can verify information related to education, personal and professional data through the peer-to-peer network.

Users maintain complete control of their digital information and can share vital identification data easily and directly with potential employers, institutions or companies, as needed.

Many of the agencies that have implemented this system highlighted the importance of joining this ecosystem, which will greatly speed up the different verification processes.

The CEO of Lynked.World, Arun Kumar, gave details of how the application will help the national government.

“Digitally verified identity data is the future of data management,” he argues. “Current systems are too cumbersome. The only way a government agency can guarantee that it is dealing with real citizens with rights of access to services is to have them face to face, with identification at hand. Our platform eliminates this obstacle, since it offers many layers of security to guarantee the complete authenticity of identities, data and digital documents,” explained Kumar.

K. Tovar

Source: Newsbtc

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