India: Google shows academic results of the CBSE

The company seeks to avoid the collapse of the official sites in the country during the largest exam in the world

The students that come to take the exam of greater call in India, the CBSE, can get the results through Google using the Google Search tool. The news is positive for parents and students, because in the past the official platforms collapsed due to the number of users searching for information and the slowness of the network.

In conjunction with the Central Board of Secondary Education of India (CBSE), Google centralizes the results of the examinations through the Board Examination Results, where the qualifications obtained by the students who aspire to be admitted in higher institutions are found.

This year an average of 2.8 million youngers attended the call. Thanks to the speed and efficiency of Google Search, students can know the results of the test by typing “CBSE 12 Results 2018” in the search bar, and they are directed to the corresponding link where they must fill in information such as name and date of birth.


Source: TheEconomicTimes

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