India focuses on crimes with cryptocurrencies

A study conducted by the authorities indicated that there is a special interest in curbing this type of illicit activities

India recently published a study of deep interest that deals with crimes of cryptocurrencies.

Rajnath Singh, Minister of Union Home of India, recently opened the Cyber ​​Forensics Laboratory and the Cyber ​​Protection Awareness and Detection Center (CyPAD), which will be operated by the police in Delhi.

This space seeks to create a unit exclusively to the monitoring of transactions in cryptocurrencies, after many years receiving problems related to scams against novice investors.

“We are now equipped with the best technology to recover information from damaged hard drives, cryptocurrency analysis, submit malwares to forensic analysis and even retrieve information from 33,000 different mobile models available in the market,” the minister said.

All this is part of the actions that India has taken to curb criminal activity, related to the illegitimate use of cryptocurrencies

Local scams found by the police usually reach the tabloids and, in addition, local cryptocurrency businesses have complained repeatedly that the position adopted by the Central Bank of India has not helped to create a clearer scenario for the ecosystem.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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