In Venezuela there are three monetary systems

Juan Carlos Apitz analyzes - regarding the Venezuelan economic dynamics - the evolution of the petro. He considers from the technological point of view, it is not a bad proposal

The manager of alternative markets of Intelinvest, lawyer Juan Carlos Apitz, estimates that the eventual and true strengthening of the petro, depends on the confidence that the Venezuelan State can generate around this crypto active.

The specialist of the securities house analyzes and comments, regarding the Venezuelan internal economic dynamics (frontiers inside), the evolution and current moment of this digital medium of exchange.

From a technological point of view, the petro is not a bad proposal. It seeks to deal with hyperinflation and somehow serve Venezuelans, according to the National Executive

But, in Venezuela there are three conflicting and simultaneous monetary systems, he said.

“The petro would involve changes and stabilization of the monetary policy. In pure economic terms, the project looks quite complicated, because it is not measured against the bolívar but against the dollar, in the midst of this spontaneous dollarization that is lived,” says Juan Carlos Apitz

To anchor it to the value of oil is to be subject to a value in something unstable, volatile; the main value that the petro should have is that of trust

Our priority and professional responsibility, in Intelinvest, is to be up to date and to know the events of the international and local market; see clearly and in equilibrium what the transformations that are taking place are all about. “Well, we have the obligation to guide and support our clients, visualize new opportunities, warn risks and also guide us on how to adapt in a climate of great uncertainty,” he explained.

We invite to know more details of the analysis in the video of the interview.

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