Ikea opens its first store in Mexico

After the rumors about the arrival of Ikea to Mexico it was confirmed the store will soon land on the country

The long-awaited opening date of the first Ikea store in Mexico is getting closer. According to Malcom Pruys, the Country Retail Manager for Mexico, the chain is looking for more than creating jobs in that country.

Pruys said: “We do not come to Mexico to create jobs, we come to create careers with fantastic benefits.” For the opening of this first store, it is expected to hire more than 300 employees initially.

The establishment will extend over an area of 23 thousand 500 square meters and will be located within Mexico City. The opening is expected to be in the fall of 2020.

The representative of the firm said: “We know that Mexico City is a great challenge, with many people, but above all with a lot of interest in our products and in the solutions we offer.”

It is worth emphasizing that the store will not only have products for home and white goods. Also, you will have a restaurant within the facilities that will serve typical Swedish dishes. The restaurant will house a total of 665 people who could taste the food that is served in the place.

Without a doubt, attending Ikea will be an experience that could be brought to other Latin American countries besides Mexico. The store will have 3 floors and will be located in the Encuentro Oceanía shopping center.


Source: Fayer Wayer

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