IBM Peru will launch its blockchain platform

The company will present its blockchain on Thursday, February 21st in Lima as a tool they hope to use in various productive areas of the country

The meeting for the launching of the blockchain platform will take place is scheduled for February 21st and will bring together developers, entrepreneurs and those interested in distributed accounting technology. It will be held at the headquarters of IBM Peru in the city of Lima. In the activity will be taught content on how to install and work with blockchain and how it will be applied in the Inca country.

The experts of the company state that the capabilities and benefits of the tool include the reduction of the activation time, the optimization of the security configuration in the IBM Cloud and improvements in the user interface. Similarly, experts on the subject will highlight the features available to be exploited by computer scientists.

It should be noted that the IBM Blockchain Platform is available to Peruvian customers either in the IBM cloud, in another environment or locally using local data. In addition, the application is designed to accelerate the creation of cutting-edge business solutions.

For their part, the IBM developers also expressed that there are different plans to implement global blockchain networks in Peru, such as IBM Food Trust for the food supply chain and Tradelens for international trade logistics.

Obviously the event seeks to promote learning about technology in the entire specialized community residing in Lima, and then consolidate it in the South American nation.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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