Huobi announces the launching of its Bitcoin options

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange made the announcement on Tuesday in order to meet the needs of investors

In a statement through its website, the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced on Tuesday the launch of bitcoin options within Huobi Futures.

The measure seeks to respond to the needs and demands of investors in a market affected by the economic crisis that has exacerbated the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, Huobi is positioned as one of the most important crypto exchanges in the world and is listed as the main competitor of Binance. Based in Singapore, Huobi serves the Asian market and is dedicated to trading cryptocurrency derivatives.

The platform was a bit dormant in recent months, but with the launch of its bitcoin options within Huobi Futures the landscape has turned in its favor. Its investment portfolio will benefit from this initiative while promoting multiple trading strategies, since “options essentially consist of the right to buy or sell a financial asset at a specified price on a scheduled date.”

It is important to note that Huobi’s options “will be based on USDT, and will be offered on a weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly basis. Based for its operation on the European options system, which limits its execution to the expiration date. In this way, Huobi Futures could begin to cut back on Binance Futures, and initiate a more aggressive strategy in the important crypto derivatives market.”


Source: infocoin

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