Huawei launches search engine to beat Google

The Asian company launched its own search engine, which comes in response to the restrictions imposed by the United States government

The Huawei company made its new search engine called Petal Search available for all devices, which becomes a clear competitor for Google.

It should be noted that, at least in Europe, 97 % of searche on the Internet and mobile devices are made through Google.

Fernando García, deputy director of Huawei Search Europe, indicated that all the domains of his search engine were opened for the use of any type of user, from the Android operating system to iOS.

On Android phones, an application can also be downloaded from the App Gallery, the proprietary application store that Huawei launched after it was vetoed by the US.

Huawei’s idea is for this application to broadcast advertising and, for this, they are about to launch their new platform, which will allow them to promote products and services and which will constitute their main business.

K. Tovar

Source: Eleconomista

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