Huawei is in a “complicated situation”

The founder of the technology company, Ren Zhengfei, told workers in a statement that they are currently in a "life or death" position

Ren Zhengfei, founder of the Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei, warned the company’s workers, through an internal statement, of the “life or death” situation in which the company is located, which was included last May for the United States Government on the list of entities banned for national security reasons.

In this regard, according to Bloomberg and Reuters, the businessman, a former officer of the People’s Liberation Army and a member of the Communist Party of China, recommends that Huawei employees with little workload or idle form “command squads” for exploration of new projects, warning that workers who do not fulfill their mission will see their wages cut every few months and may lose their jobs.

“Either they can form a command squad to explore new projects, in which case they could be promoted to company’s commander if they do well; or they can find work in the internal market,” says part of the official statement.

Ren also said that “if you can’t do the job, then give way for our tank to roll and if you want to come to the battlefield, you can pull the tank.”

The Bureau of Industry & Security of the US Department of Commerce decided yesterday to extend for a further period of 90 days the temporary license that expired on Monday on the veto that prevents Huawei and several of its subsidiaries from maintaining commercial relations with US companies for security reasons, the statement added.

K. Tovar

Source: El País

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