HP introduces two new printers that adapt to work from home

The company has introduced more than 50 hours of STEM content on the Print, Play & Learn platform

HP has introduced two new families of home printers, HP Envy 6000 and HP Deskjet 2700, which have been designed to adapt to work and distance learning, and has introduced more than 50 hours of STEM content on the Print, Play platform & Learn.

The new series of printers “have been designed to adapt to the work and distance learning of the users, offering solutions of easy configuration with an intelligent control panel that lights up automatically when it is needed”, explains the general director of Services of HP impression, María César, in a statement.

The design of the new Envy printers incorporates more than 20% recycled plastic. The “intuitive and smart” interface features guided edge lighting that indicates printer status and where buttons appear only when needed.

They work with a WiFi connection with self-healing capabilities, and link with the HP Smart app and are compatible with the Instant Ink delivery service. The Envy printers are priced at € 79.90, while the Envy Pro 6400 series cost € 99.90.

In collaboration with educational creators, HP has introduced more than 50 additional hours of content that can be printed for free through the Print, Play & Learn platform, which makes science and technology related topics available to families, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Source: dpa

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