Hollywood prepares crime thriller called Crypto

The film will focus on the virtual laundering of assets and will star hits such as Westworld and Mad Men

Interest in cryptocurrencies, as well as associated technologies and their application, captivated Hollywood spheres. Currently, actors such as Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Alexis Bledel, Beau Knapp, Jeremie Harris and Vincent Kartheiser participate in the recording of a thriller about digital currency laundering.

The film will be called Crypto and will take plece in New York. It tells the story of an anti-money laundering agent who discovers a network of fraud and corruption in a small town. The mysterious merchant Bledel will be the source of illicit activities with works of art.

Undoubtedly, the plot of the film is based on punishable actions that are currently tracked around the world and detected by the security bodies of the United States, Asia and the European Union. The director of the independent production is John Stalberg Jr., who has been optimistic about the project he defined as timely.

In the thriller, the town where the cryptocurrencies laundering and other fraudulent activities takes place is shady and full of suspects, with various stakeholders seeking easy and supposedly undetectable profits.

Although it is not the first film that deals with cryptocurrencies and fraudulent activities related to the digital ecosystem, Crypto promises to catch lovers of suspense and police stories.


Source: InvertirCripto

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