Hackers use fake Twitter accounts for crypto scams

The most recent incursion of the cybercriminals has been in the account of the social network of Pope Francis pretending the launching of a draw of cryptocurrencies

False accounts in the social network Twitter increase and thousands of users are trapped by deceptive offers. The most recent attack of the hackers went to the account of the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis, pretending to promote a draw in cryptocurrencies.

Undoubtedly, it was a false news, however, had favorable responses also from fake users who sought to make the thread of the conversation infiltrated in the Twitter account of Pope Francisco win comments and followers.

From Twitter they indicate that there is a lot of disinformation and naivety on the part of the users of the social network regarding how to identify a false account or that has supplanted an original one. Criminals know how to do their job, because they use even the same name and the same image of the original. This generates bewilderment and causes many people to fall into their networks.

Identity theft occurs incessantly through the so-called bot accounts that launch promotions of ICOs, cryptocurrencies and other assets, mainly involving public figures.

Several security companies, such as Duo Security, have conducted studies on the increase of fictitious accounts, called botnets, artificially looking for ratings, “likes” and “retweets.” Jordan Wright, principal security engineer of the aforementioned company, indicated that at the beginning of August the number of fictitious accounts was 15,000.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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