Hackers take advantage of health crisis to launch new forms of attack

The Kaspersky company warns of a new cyber attack through which hackers take advantage to steal data and money from users

As reported by the international company dedicated to computer security called Kaspersky, cybercrime again applies strategies to steal data and money from network users.

The new modality is to use a US domain that takes users to a page where the supposed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are registered. This domain is implemented through an email manipulated by third parties who impersonate information to make it look convincing.

In the body of the message you can read the following: “they have established a control system to coordinate public health actions at the national and international level,”. Then, a hyperlink is shared in which apparent information about cases of Coronavirus detected in each city is shown.

After clicking on the link the users are referred to a page similar to that of Microsoft Outlook. The objective is to deceive them and share their password of the online mail service without realizing it.

This type of crime is known as phishing, a cyber-crime in which the offender impersonates the identity of a user or an organization to deceive the victim and get the personal data, from social network passwords to online banking passwords.

K. Villarroel

Source: abc

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