Hackers steal bitcoin and other digital assets through Telegram

According to the source, the North Korean hacker group has created better resources to reach individuals and organizations around the world

A group of hackers called Lazarus, from North Korea, are applying scam methods through Telegram encrypted messaging platform to steal bitcoin and other digital assets.

The information disseminated through a report published by the digital security company Kaspersky, shows that the group of criminals has created the best resources to reach individuals and organizations in countries such as the United Kingdom, China, Poland and Russia.

The mode of operation to commit crimes is based on creating fake business groups through the Telegram messaging application, as well as fake cryptocurrency websites from which they send malicious links that infect the device and give attackers access to data of the user.

As expressed in the text, this is the first time that hackers attack MacOs users. “Notably, this operation marked the first time Lazarus addressed MacOS users, with the group inventing a fictitious company to deliver their application manipulated and exploit the high level of trust among potential victims.”

For this reason, experts in the area suggest that cryptoactive management should be carried out with caution and be careful with malicious websites, because cryptocurrencies are easily transferable digital assets and many hacker attacks target these users.


Source: cointelegraph

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