Hacker condemned for the theft of 500 ethereum

The delinquent, of Argentine origin, must spend two years in prison for having obtained illegally 434 thousand 352 dollars

A hacker was found guilty of the theft of 500 ethereum, for which the Argentine justice dictated a sentence of two years in prison.

The robbery was carried out between December 14th and 16th last year, where Hector Matias Predilalio, 36 years old, usurped the accounts of different users of a cryptocurrency ticket purchase and sale platform.

The Superior Court of Justice of Chaco, settled in that province of Argentina, was in charge of issuing the sentence on charges of “computer fraud” and “violation of secrets and identity.”

The official document establishes that the procedure filed against Predilalio was part of a code on the platform page that allowed him to get the account status of its users and, subsequently, to transfer various amounts of third-party assets to his personal account.

For this, the hacker used a VPN to hide his IP address to avoid tracking by the authorities. The responsible for finding the culprit was the Division of Technological Crimes of Chaco Police.

K. Tovar

Source: JusticiaChaco

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