Greece with positive expectations about cryptocurrencies

Innovation in the financial system is a valuable tool for the development of the country

The Greeks have shown great support and enthusiasm towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2015. Analysts question whether those expectations will hold up in time in view of current market fluctuations, fraud cases and weaknesses in the regulatory framework in each country.

The issue of refinancing the country’s debt, recently dealt with by the Eurozone, is a key aspect in the analysis of the local financial scenario and the future of cryptocurrencies. The economic crisis is currently alleviated but there are still some aspects that concern financial analysts.

The confidence of the Greeks is placed in the Group of Innovators of High Level of the European Commission, which brings together experts, scientists, small entrepreneurs and brilliant innovators who seek to integrate the different points of view on the blockchain technology and its applications to favor the member countries.

Among the initiatives that are managed so far among the member countries of the European Union are included the launch of blockchain applications, the creation of university courses or the launch of a Digital Single Market.

Greek experts, including academics from the University of Macedonia, have pointed out that for optimal application of new technologies in the country it is necessary to adapt tax policies and laws, as well as establish a regulatory framework for mining activity and transactions in cryptocurrencies.


Source; Cointelegraph

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