GravityEarth creates a tool to support refugees in Kenya

GravityEarth has developed a blockchain innovation that will allow refugees to have access to financial services and other resources

The startup has developed a decentralized block platform to store people’s data securely. This will greatly facilitate the work of NGOs when it comes to their management in refugee camps.

The tool will be tested in a refugee camp in the community of Kakuma, in Kenya.

Among the objectives of the tool are the tracking of daily attendance at three schools within the mentioned camp as well as the academic performance of the enrolled students. Teachers can upload performance information and tests to the platform through a web application.

The collection of data is a challenge. Therefore, those who are responsible for validating them, will enjoy an incentive expressed in time of free mobile use and lotteries.

GravityEarth is located in Nairobi and its founders include Johannes Ebert, Laurent Salat and Paul Langlois-Meurinne.

The startup has clarified that they have no plans to carry out any ICO, let alone launch a token. The objective of the platform is to connect with other similar ones that provide financial services, so that the users of the shelters can begin to enjoy them.


Source: Coincrispy

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