Google will host the virtual event SmartHome

This conference will be held on July 8 to discuss the impact that the coronavirus has generated in the industry, among other issues

Google announced that on July 8 it will host the Virtual Summit Smart Home ‘Hey Google’, an event for developers in which it will present its news on smart homes.

At the event, the director of product management for the Smart Home Ecosystem, Michele Turner, will speak about new smart home product initiatives and how developers can benefit from them.

The company has also announced in a statement that it will present new tools to facilitate development with the Google Assistant at the virtual meeting.

Also, the ‘Hey Google’ Virtual Smart Home Summit will include a panel of partners in which industry leaders will discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the state of the industry.

Users who want to register for the event can do so for free through the website of the Virtual Summit Smart Home ‘Hey Google’.

The event comes after the company decided to completely cancel its annual Google I/O 2020 developer conference, which was to be held May 12-14, due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

K. Tovar

Source: Xakata

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