Google will allow users to organizing work routines

The development team added a new function to its assistant, which allows setting reminders of all kinds to fully cover the work routine

Google added a new feature to its Assistant, so users can create daily work routines to help them better control their working day at home.

This new daily work routine was designed to automatically remind users of all the tasks to do during their workday at home, from taking a break away from the desk to keeping track of their calendar.

They will be able to enable this routine in the Google Assistant settings from a device with an Android or iOS operating system and start with a preset routine or create their own one.

Pre-set daily work routines include things like reminders to drink a glass of water or go for a walk at a specific time every day, among others.

Also, the Google Assistant will inform the user of the time on a regular basis so that they do not lose track of time or an important meeting.

K. Tovar

Source: Dinero

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