Google to launch new monthly subscription service

Play Pass will allow access to applications and games with no ads and without having to buy them individually. Users only need to cancel a monthly fee

Google confirmed that it is currently testing its new Play Store service for Android devices. With Play Pass the user can enter applications and games paying a monthly fee.

The firm ensures that the purpose is for the person to play without interruption. “Access premium apps and games without ads or in-app purchases,” they declare on the Play Pass homepage.

The ingenious invention will offer both music and fitness applications and various games. The service will offer a free period of 10 days as proof and then you will have to pay 5 dollars a month.

In the images users can see how the service does not force the user to have any permanence, being able to cancel it at any time.

The tool will be similar to the Apple Arcade that through a monthly subscription gives the user of iOS devices access to games for the mobile device, some of them exclusive.

L. Saenz

Source: Europa Press

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