Google suspend Huawei phones from receiving Android updates

The most recent measures from the US President Donald Trump could trigger one of the worst crises of the Asian company in terms of their mobile devices

The company Google, one of the giants in technology, broke relations with Huawei so that users of the equipment will no longer receive any type of update in terms of applications and operating system.

The administration of Donald Trump has been making war on the Asian company due to the development of 5G technology, which they say is being used for espionage.

In addition to Google, other companies joined the list of those that have given the company veto as the case of Qualcomm, Broadcom, Infineon Technologies, Micron Technology and Western Digital, which have suspended the shipment of chips and memories to Huawei, affecting not only telephones but also other products such as computers or tablets and connection technologies.

This series of measures applied by the US government could trigger one of the worst crises for Huawei. Although the next updates will be available to users, from the next Google operating system there will be no support for any team of this brand.

Through their official account, Huawei managers wanted to send a message “reassuring” for users. “While we comply with the requirements of the US Government, services such as Google Play and the security of Google Play Protect will continue to work on existing Huawei devices”, they said.

K. Tovar

Source: ElPais

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