Google plans to launch credit card in the US

Currently Google Pay is a wallet that only allows online payments by connecting it with a credit or debit card issued by a traditional bank

Online payments are becoming more consolidated in the financial market on a global scale= However, it is very important to have a physical credit or debit card to manage the finances of a large number of people around the world

According to what TechCrunch has discovered, Google will shortly launch a new credit card to the market to compete with other technological financial services that will have the support of the Internet giant.

Although not much information is handled on the subject, it is known that in a first phase it will be available in the United States, and it is presumed to be integrated with Google Pay where the client can obtain more information and have more control over transactions: check the balance, lock the account, perform a complete review of purchases, among others.

TechCrunch has leaked the first images of the new Google card and although other networks such as Mastercard could be accepted in the project, it is expected that a chip affiliated with the Visa network will be integrated into the designs of the card.

The advantages of this innovation will give Google the opportunity to unlock new sources of income and data, in addition to offering the company the opportunity to expand its range of banking services, financial advice or even insurance or loans.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

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