Google introduces new version of Android Auto

Google presented a officially a renewed version of Android Auto, a telematics standard developed by the company to operate the panel of the car

The renewal of Android Auto was announced by Google in May when Rod Lopez, product manager at Android Auto, explained that it would come with a friendlier color palette, a darker mode and more readable fonts.

But it is now that the company shows what the final changes are that will come with, the new interface will be designed to help users “get to the road faster, show useful information at a glance and simplify common tasks while driving.

The application will allow automatic synchronization with the smartphone. When the driver turns on the car Android Auto will continue to play the media and route queued from the phone, as the tool will complete the instructions and start routing.

Google placed at the bottom left of the interface a button that displays the application launcher, from where the person can find the applications that are most used, where it will also support the Google Assistant that will report on the calendar, weather conditions, news, among other news.

Similarly, a new notification center was implemented that will be responsible for displaying recent calls, messages and alerts, giving users options to see, hear and respond when it seems convenient and safe.

The company also showcases Android Auto’s prized dark mode that comes with colorful icons and easier to read fonts, a contrast that offers better visualization to users.


Source: Tekcrispy

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