Google Drive test offline saving in G-suite

The Internet giant's development team tests access to multiple Chrome browser files in the offline mode

G-Suite is a set of 100% web tools, with messaging and collaboration functionality, aimed at satisfying the fundamental needs of companies in terms of productivity and cost reduction. Recently, Google announced that it will try to make it accessible to everyone with an offline connection.

The news was revealed by the development team of the Google Drive tool, from where they have started testing the extension of access to various files in the Chrome browser.

This is, specifically, the program called Beta Program of Google Drive Offline for Binary Content, “which has begun to show all the files of Google and third parties without Internet connection”.

The measure represents an alternative for G-Suite users with Internet unstable connection  or who do not have any connection to the network. After the tests, users can join the Drive beta program and access Microsoft Office, images, PDF files and other third-party tools.

According to the company added: “Now, users can access their important files that do not belong to Google in an offline configuration, such as when they travel or when there is a bad Internet connection.”

To activate the function you only need to register in the beta program through the link at your disposal, enter Google Drive and activate the function without connection. Subsequently, they must click on the right mouse button on the file of interest and enable it for offline view. It is important to note that at the moment the function is not active for users of Google Chrome, although Google provides for the deployment in the navigation tool.


Fuente: Tekcrispy

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