Google Chrome will block unsafe downloads

This measure responds to the security protocol initiated by Google where secure pages with HTTPS will be used to block or not the browsing

The world’s most popular private software web browser, Google Chrome, has reported that it will apply significant changes to its platform, with the aim of shielding the security system implemented by the browser for some years.

The new measure is based on completely blocking the possibility of downloading files that Google considers “unsafe” in order to avoid incidents against the integrity of the information of those who use the browser, as reported by Joe DeBlasio, a member of the security team from Chrome in a recent publication published on the company’s official blog.

“Chrome will gradually ensure that secure pages (HTTPS) only download secure files …. Files that are insecurely downloaded pose a risk to user privacy,” the company said from the website.

It also ensures that downloads of files of doubtful origin can serve as a channel for attackers to change “programs downloaded insecurely by malware” and spies can “read bank statements downloaded insecurely from users. In the future, we hope to further restrict insecure downloads on Chrome.”

Accordingly, website administrators will have the responsibility to ensure the security of their portals so that Google does not delete or block them from the map.


Source: fayerwayer

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