Google celebrates twenty years as the main search engine

The Internet giant maintains its position in the cyberuniverse and continues to offer users information on any search topic

Google is present in virtually every country in the world. This September 27th it celebrates 20 years of operation positioned as the main search engine.

On this date, but in 1998, the creation of Lawrence Edward Page, executive director of Alphabet Inc., and Serjey Mijáilovich Brin, president of Alphabet Inc., was launched on the Internet search market. Two brilliant minds that have managed to innovate and maintain themselves at the avant-garde with services that have been fully accepted by users.

The fortune of Page and Brin, estimated in billions of dollars, is of 56.6 and 55.1 respectively, thanks to the growth of Google and its diversification towards tools such as Chrome, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Play, virtual assistants, Android , Youtube.

A novel, dynamic and popular product of the search engine are the doodles, which consist of a transformation of the Google logo to adapt to a special situation, such as the anniversary of a historical event; the birth anniversary of an important person in history, science, art or literature. They have also been used as a sign of solidarity with some humanitarian cause.

When talking about big numbers, Google offers remarkable data such as the amount of 2,000 doodles up to the current date. Also, it is noteworthy that currently the search engine reflects earnings of 12.7 billion dollars, revenues of 109.7 and a market capitalization of 851.8, all these figures in billions of dollars.

We must also highlight the market share of Android with 88%, Chrome with 59.7% and voice assistants with 32.3%. Without a doubt, the engine continues to grow and innovate.



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