Google applies AI for data cooling

The largest Internet search engine has been working on the development of an algorithm to help reduce energy consumption

After years of work, the Google search engine managed to develop an algorithm capable of adjusting cooling systems to lower the consumption of electrical energy through artificial intelligence.

“This is the first time that an autonomous industrial control system will be implemented on this scale, according to our loyal knowledge and understanding,” said Mustafa Suleyeman, in charge of AI applied at DeepMind.

The research result demonstrates the potential that artificial intelligence can have for the administration of spaces and infrastructures. Although the algorithm works independently, people will be able to intervene in the event of something that may represent a risk.

One of the advantages of the system created is that they have security controls that will prevent the cooling from being damaged. The managers will be in charge of evaluating the levels of trust and will be able to authorize the necessary changes for their optimization.

K. Tovar

Source: ACRLatinoamerica

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