GMO will launch CryptoChips reward system

The Japanese giant prepares a new version of the platform for August with a reward system in Bitcoin within the game

GMO Web developed CryptoChips, a reward system that will allow online players to earn profits in Bitcoin for specific tasks. It is a new application that they hope to launch in August of this year.

From the GMO site it was stated that CryptoChips will be implemented in the first stage in the real-time battle game developed by GMO, Whimsical Warfare. It can be mounted in the game application for players to obtain cryptocurrencies according to their skills in the contest or after completing specific tasks.

With the battle cry: “Attack your opponent or defend your territory”, online players will start the battle in Whimsical War. It will be three minutes of real time game where the players should select which side they’ll be on to try to win.

But it is not all. The participants will also have the opportunity to exchange information about the game or donate their characters and thus become stronger. These are news that now keep the attention of GMO Web followers.

The launch will become the latest innovation of the company that already has its own crypto-exchange, allows mining and also pays a portion of the salaries in Bitcoin.


Source: GMO

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