Gesture Control will reach multiple audio platforms

This Google tool will be available in applications such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, among others

The applications of YouTube Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, among other services, will be compatible with the system by gesture control that will integrate the new Google Pixel 4 smartphones.

Motion Sense is the application that will allow Pixel 4 to be controlled by hand gestures, without touching it. Google announced the motion sensor in early July, when it explained that this system is based on Soli, a motion radar located at the top of the screen, which works together with an algorithm.

In 9to5Google they have had access to Motion Sense, and they have found at least nine applications will be compatible with gesture control. This is Google Play Music, Spotify, Spotify Stations, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Deezer, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

Google advanced with Motion Sense will allow user to go from songs just by moving his hand in front of the mobile, but its integration into other music services raises the possibility that it allows to do more than changing the content being played.

The family of Pixel 4 smartphones will be released on October 15, along with other hardware novelties of the company.

K. Tovar

Source: La Vanguardia

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