Germany to launch flying cars to improve urban mobility

Traffic is one of the main problems of mobility in big cities. Germany seeks support on technological advances through flying concept cars as a long term solution

The project “Urban Air Mobility” could become a reality in Germany in ten years with the launching of air-taxis equipped with giant drones stuck in the ceiling.

This is an ambitious project that will be launched in the city of Ingolstadt and that resulted form an alliance in which participate Audi, the five rings cars maker, and the European joint venture formed by Airbus and Italdesign.

Mainly based on the desire to offer new mobility concepts to people and alleviate the problem of traffic in big cities, the allies met together last June at the German Federal Chancellery to analyze the details for the launching.

Bram Schot, temporary chief and CEO member of Sales and Marketing Department of Audi AG, was in charge of introducing the project “Urban Air Mobility”, together with the Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and State Minister for Digital Affairs Dorothee Bär. They were accompanied by Grazia Vittadini, Airbus CTO, and the Governor of Ingolstadt, Christian Lösel.

All the teams involved in the project called it “third dimension mobility” which will be based on autonomous electric vehicles based on concept  cars.


Source: Savia

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